how to be femous

so friend.s hear is some tip.s about it. everbudy  want to be famous if u want to a femous person, offcours it,s  every budy,s birht right to be femous n only i can help u .

if u want to be a philosopher

humm it.s so easy if you r unemployee than just in one month you will be a philosopher. just fellow my sutre.s and the good news is you do,t need money. just try it

stap 1

find a tree then just sit siletly under a tree it,s  will look more impreasive if u find a permanent tree it,s to good if u do,t than a bench will also work. and make sure maxiem public can see u there   n try 2 look miseryble and look like you are  tikning some thing importent. take deep n cold breath. n afther some time look 2 sky like that u r trying to find some thing . most importent evoid eye contrect with other. n afther some time start look to earth and shake your head like this nothing is left for you try this for some time.

stap 2

if u preactis well after some day,s populase will stert take intrest in u afther all this is human if i,ts happen it,s mean your desier to be a philophoser is going to fillfull soon.try to look serious if some budy give u a smiel naver retern it and if some budy want to talk 2 u give tham a empty n miserybly look and before thay ask some thing to you . you have to speek first. like this my friend the whole wrold is a mistery , i am a mistery you r a mistery.i thay look u with  a,s a  good sign 4 you.then u can stert talk with them and do,t forgeat after every four line you have to say it.s all elusion. and be awear some noughty person.s will try to you offer u money n food n work. do,t espect. thay are just davil.s dispil . try to change ur mind n make u a manden . do,t,do,t belive them thay are folling u. n if u do,t want manden thing.s other.s will impress .

the last step.

after all this thing,s public will start respect u .n for moer imperction read some famous author like arstu to deepak chopra.ats. and use them like this it,s ur own thinking . its make u more impersive. just preactis n enjoy be a philospher

my other tips for some other profection i will wright soon if u like it.



3 Responses to “how to be femous”

  1. weyouth Says:

    Hey I just visit your blog and I must say that you have very nice and impressive blog. Keep it up. And you are all very welcome on my blog to some time visit me

  2. hearimchandna Says:

    hi deepa thanx alot for ur great halp. i just read ur all blog. my heart mealt when i read the poem. r u publish ur blog on some other websight 2 acthuly t read in the bottem. publish on .well all blog r so good . take care good night.
    werm regard,s

  3. hearimchandna Says:

    hi hear im chandna i just read ur blog it,s good

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